Tatu PRO ERP, your all-in-one ERP solution designed to revolutionize three key areas of your business: Communication Centre, Compliance Center, and Payments Center.

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Payment Center

Efficient payment management is crucial for maintaining healthy business relationships.

Tatu Pro’s Payments Center, powered by the Bunipay application, facilitates seamless payment processing and tracking.

Products in payment centre

  • Bunipay

1. Bunipay

Bunipay helps businesses like yours in expediting payments and facilitating vendor payments through seamless integration across various platforms, including Mobile Money and bank transfers, ensuring secure transactions.

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Process Bulk Transactions to Multiple Accounts

Initiate transactions effortlessly to transfer funds to one or multiple account holders, whether they are mobile money or bank accounts.

Verify Transactions before you Send Them

Eliminate the risk of processing incorrect transactions by validating and approving them before sending them.

Reports for all Transaction

Access detailed reports of all transactions conducted across various accounts within your business. This provides valuable insights into incoming funds received.


Bunipay supports a range of integrations including mobile money, bank integrations, and other third-party payment providers.

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