Tatu PRO ERP, your all-in-one ERP solution designed to revolutionize three key areas of your business: Communication Centre, Compliance Center, and Payments Center.

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Compliance Center

Compliance with industry standards and regulations is paramount for business sustainability.

Tatu Pro’s Compliance Center, powered by the Buni Invoicing application, ensures adherence to eTIMS standards and streamlines invoice management processes.

Products in Compliance Centre

  • Buni Invoicing
  • Buni Payroll - Coming soon

1. Buni Invoicing

Buni Invoicing simplifies the process of invoicing while ensuring compliance with KRA standards. It facilitates the generation and sending of eTIMS-compliant receipts to your clients with ease.

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Generate VAT-compliant Invoices.

Effortlessly create professional invoices with a single click. Accurately display VAT charges, outline each invoice step-by-step, and finalize by generating eTIMS-compliant receipts.

Accelerate Payment Processing

Simplify payment processes, offering options like cash, checks, MPesa, and credit cards to accommodate your customers’ preferences effectively.

Gather Deposits and Prepayments

Clients can deposit payment into their accounts that can be used to offset any upcoming or generated invoice.

Process Refunds and Returns

Handle refunds and returns using credit notes and apply them to your customers’ future purchases.


Buni Invoicing is pre-integrated with various software solutions, including eTIMS, as well as several accounting software options like QuickBooks and Xero, among others.

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