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Buniflow Creator Studio (CS) enable both technical and non-technical teams to tackle everyday business hurdles without the requirement for coding skills. Creator Studio (CS) supports diverse use cases across departments.

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Creator Studio is as easy as linking dots.

If you can link the dots, you can achieve anything using Buniflow Creator Studio (CS). Visual coding serves as the foundation of our no-code platform. Our philosophy is that not everyone needs to be a programmer, but anyone can become a creator.

Develop solutions in hours rather than months.

Our robust drag-and-drop builder empowers you and your team to effortlessly create backends and core services. By linking the dots, you can craft web apps, APIs, or backend services for your products.

Managed cloud databases & storage

Our managed cloud databases integrate structured data, files, and images into a cohesive unit. We securely store your data, combining text, strings, and media to create comprehensive and valuable information for your application.

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Easily create your essential core services by using drag-and-drop building blocks and connecting them.

Our no-code platform allows you to seamlessly integrate core services like user management into workflows alongside your email service provider and CRM platform.

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Integrating with your preferred tools? Absolutely.

Use integrations to construct complete workflows or sophisticated tools. Establish smooth connections between your frontend, backend, and communication services such as email, customer support, or other providers.

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