Buniflow Compiler
Engine (BCE)

The Buniflow Compiler Engine (BCE) processor delivers advanced technologies for interpreting visual representations generated by our Buniflow Creator Studio (BCS). The BCE decodes the visual representations and compiles them into executable code.

Buniflow Compiler Engine (BCE) Latest Version Date released Availability Features
Nyati BCE version xii (12.0.0) Coming soon - The upcoming version will introduce advanced AI-powered workflow automation to streamline and optimize processes.It will feature comprehensive journey management, allowing users to design and manage complex workflows with triggers, actions, and events to ensure seamless automation.

Forms will be include in this version for efficient data entry, ensuring accurate and organized information collection.
Swara BCE Version xi (11.3.9) 20 April, 2024 Public This version of Buniflow Complier Engine has a range of powerful features, including an enhanced cloud-managed data store for seamless reliability and scalability, along with a robust NoSQL database that supports multiple projects, facilitating efficient data sharing and collaboration.

Performance has been significantly improved, making it ten times faster and more efficient than its predecessor. Additionally, the software now supports expanded integration with various third-party applications, providing more options for connectivity. Comprehensive API-level support
Space BCE Versions x (10.4.7) 20 April, 2023 Public This version of the software includes numerous features, such as app releases, a suite of toolkits, SQL-based data store management, single integration support, and user management capabilities.
Butterfly BCE Versions ix (9.2.1) 20 April, 2022 Internal -
Butterfly BCE Versions viii (8.4.1) 20 Dec, 2021 Internal -

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