The < No-Code /> Data Analytics Platform

Buniflow empowers creators* to build complex applications fast using configurable modules and templates, which means no coding—of any kind—required!


A modern way to build apps

Build exactly what you’re envisioning, no code needed. Design and develop production-ready software while Buniflow generates a working application behind the scenes

Quickly solve business problems and make your staff 50% more productive

The Buniflow system is powered by a powerful analytics engine responsible for running custom analytic workflows and performing data processing tasks.

Buniflow Studio

On top of this engine sits the Buniflow Studio, a UI tool that enables data analysts and creators to easily build, test, and deploy analytics workflows

Buniflow Designer

The Studio also provides a Powerpoint-style Designer and page viewer that can be used to create, view and interact UI elements like form inputs, buttons, Lists and Charts.

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